Parental / Guardian support and involvement are essential to the smooth running of the 5th Camberwell Group.

There’s extensive general information about Scouting on the Scouts UK website. The following is a summary of key information and policies.

Information on how we run the group

Parents / Guardians must be prepared to help at a evening meetings at least once every half term for each of their children in the group. Without sufficient adult supervision the sections cannot run, so we really depend on you for this.  You can sign up for the rota on Online Scout Manager, under the Programme tab.

All roles in the group are filled by volunteers and people can sign up to give up as much time as they can, either working directly with the Young People or in supportive roles. Weekly roles are great, but we do also have a variety of roles who would prefer something less regular – we can juggle around people’s time! Please fill in this form Get Involved or speak to your child’s section leader.

We have a safeguarding policy and here is a link to our ‘Young People First’ code of practice (yellow card). Please read through the do’s and don’ts. I am sure you will understand this policy keeps our young people and adults safe.

If you are unable to do a date you have selected please swap with another parent and please let your section leader know.

Younger children may accompany you on your rota evening but they remain your responsibility at all times.

If you have any queries or concerns at all don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your assistance without occasional helpers we would not be able to run the section.

We have a termly subscriptions for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts which are collected at the beginning of the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.

Subscription is £35 per term -Payment is due for the term and is not normally refundable if the young person leaves the group after they have been invested.

This meets the cost of:

  • the day-to-day cost of running the Section that your child is in;
  • the running expenses of 5th Camberwell Scout Group, including badges, rent and upkeep of equipment;
  • support from the Southwark District Scouts, and Greater South London County Scout Association, including running events and maintaining campsite;
  • the Scout Association’s annual membership fee, which includes insurance cover for individuals while on approved Scout activities.

In addition to the subscription there are additional cost for camps, events, trips and resources which will always be notified in advance and costs always kept to a minimum.

There is a bursary fund available for parents/guardians who wish to apply.  Please speak to your Section Leader in confidence. Click to download the Application Form.

As a charity the payment of subscriptions qualify for ‘Gift Aid’, allowing the Group to claim a percentage of the fee you pay from HMRC. If you are a UK tax payer, please confirm declaration via the Online Scout Management System to ensure that we are able to claim this extra amount, helping to make membership fees go further. If you would like further information, please contact our Treasurer.

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are expected to wear uniform to evening meetings and events unless otherwise specified. At the 5th Camberwell whilst we are relaxed about insisting on full uniform trousers and shoes we expect our young people to be dressed as follows:

  • Beavers should wear the uniform turquoise sweatshirt, group scarf and woggle
  • Cubs should wear the uniform green sweatshirt, group scarf and woggle
  • Scouts should wear the uniform green shirt, group scarf and woggle

Uniform may be purchased from Thomas school uniform shop on Croxted Rd or online via the Scout shop  Other online sources are available but purchasing direct from the Scout shop will support the Scouts association direct.

Young people also benefit from discounts at outdoor stores where you may be buying their camping kit

Scouting is an inclusive, values based movement and membership is open to all those who share our fundamental values. 

Scouts UK’s Equal Opportunities Policy outlines what we do to ensure the movement is open and accessible; and that people are treated equally and with respect. This policy is reflective of the ethos of Scouting, expressed by our fundamental values (integrity, care, co-operation, respect and belief) and our commitment to delivering Scouting for all. 

By removing any real or perceived barriers to participation, we can ensure that even more young people can enjoy the adventure of Scouting and that Scouting will be as diverse as the communities in which we live. 

More about our organizational commitment to inclusivity is available within our current strategy; Skills for Life (2018-2023)

For practical support to deliver inclusive Scouting please refer to the online support and guidance on the Scouts UK website.

We use a system called Online Scout Manager (OSM) to help to manage the Scout group. This system makes it really easy for you to view upcoming events, weekly meeting activities and badges awarded. You can also use OSM to pay for subs, events and camps online by secure Direct Debit.


When your first payment is due you will receive an email with a secure link. The easiest way to make your payments is by setting up a Direct Debit subscription which ensures all payments due are automatically made on time. You will receive an email 3 days before each payment is taken from your bank account and the Direct Debit can be cancelled at any time. 

All Direct Debit payments are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee which means you are entitled to a full and immediate refund if there are any errors in a payment. The Direct Debit payments are handled by a company called GoCardless, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland. Your bank account details are held only by GoCardless and are never shared with Online Scout Manager or our Scout Group. Setting up an account with GoCardless is very easy and should take no more than one minute. 

When your first payment to our group is due you will receive an email with a secure link to invite you to set up an account. You will typically see two payment schedules in OSM: one schedule for regular “Subscription” payments and a second schedule for occasional “Camp and Event” payments. You will need to set up a Direct Debit subscription for each schedule but you only need to register with GoCardless once.


If you would like further information on the payments in OSM, please contact our Treasurer.

Please keep these up to date in OSM (Online Scout Manager). Please refer to our data privacy notice for how we use this data.

Throughout the year there will be opportunities for members to enjoy a camp or a special ‘trip’ out, many of which are linked to badge work.

All Camps/ Trips are generally managed through OSM (Online Scout Manager) and will:

  • Incur an extra cost which will be advised well in advance of the trip
  • Require permission forms to be completed
  • Require appropriate kit – lists will be issued prior to the event

Payment for camps usually consists of a single payment for the event. Payments are not refundable and no discounts can be offered if the member cannot attend all days of a particular camp. If you have any difficulty with payment please feel free to ask one of the leaders for a discrete and private talk.

There are 3 types of awards:

  • Activity
  • Challenge
  • Staged (these go across all scouting sections)

A member may begin working towards badges as soon as they first come to their section. Badges will not be awarded before investiture. The various badges will involve work at the meetings, at special events or camps, and a certain amount of work to be completed at home.

There is detailed information available about badges for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers on the website. There is also an iPhone and Android Phone App which has all the badge requirements.

All Scout Leaders have to follow and abide by the rules and guidelines laid down in the Scout Association publication ‘Policy, Organisation & Rules‘.

The Group Scout Leader manages and supports the Scout Group and its Leaders to ensure it runs effectively and that Scouting within the Group develops. Some of the tasks for which the Group Scout Leader is responsible may be delegated to others in the Group. The Group Scout Leader is also responsible to the District Commissioner and supports scouting across the District.

Each Section in the Group: Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, has a Section Leader who is supported by a team of Assistant Section Leaders. Each section is run independently, although there are close links with all the sections in the Group.

Young Leaders, usually Explorer Scouts who are under 18 also volunteer and help support all our Sections. Parents and other adult volunteers regularly help support the meetings and event activities. These are Occasional Helpers and require DBS checks.

The services of others may be sought for instruction in particular activities such as First Aid, Climbing, etc., when we run such events or in helping run a badge activity in a chosen specialism such as Photography or Electronics.

In addition to the uniformed leaders, there is a dedicated team of adults, the Group Executive, who support the Group Scout Leader and are responsible for keeping the Group running through such activities as fund-raising, maintaining the group’s equipment and supporting the uniformed leaders at events and regular meetings. The Executive is coordinated by the Group Chairperson.

All parents / guardians are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting held during the autumn term. It is extremely important as it is when the Group Executive Committee is elected.

As a parent / guardian of a group member, you have the right to elect members to serve on the Group Executive Committee who administer and run the Scout Group,. The Committee is made up of the parents / guardians of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Section Leaders. The main task that faces the committee is that of recruiting leaders, fund-raising and ensuring the group camping and scouting equipment is maintained.

As a parent / guardian of a member we shall be looking for your ongoing support, and perhaps also as a member of the Executive Committee some time in the future.

Policies and Procedures

Members who do not attend regular evening meetings lose out by not having the opportunity to complete their badge work, their attendance patterns have a detrimental effect on the rest of the members in their section and they can create problems for the leaders in organising activities. They are also depriving another child of a place in the Section. The 5th Camberwell runs a long waiting list.

We do expect members to join us for a reasonable proportion of hikes, camps and other events outside our Friday evening meetings – several per term. We do find that children find themselves busy with multiple activities. Of course you may not know what will grab their interest, so as long as there’s a reasonable chance they will give scouting a good go, we are very happy to have them.

Any member who misses three consecutive weeks without valid reason (principally illness) will immediately forfeit their place in the Section. Further, any member who misses 6 or more weeks in the term, again without a valid reason, will be asked to leave the Section at the end of term.

We are very lucky to have great young people in our group. But to make sure that the Beavers/Cubs/Scouts and the Volunteer leaders are all safe and having fun there is a policy for behaviour. Support is available for leaders to help promote positive behaviour. All sections promote the Scout Values, Promise and Laws and develop, with the young people, their own “Code of Conduct” which everyone in the section signs up to. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Step 1 – Verbal Warning

If the behaviour of the young person has fallen below the expected level of the ‘Code of Conduct’ then a verbal warning will be given by a leader. The young person will be told to stop what they are doing and warned what will happen if they do not comply.

Step 2 – Yellow Card

If a young person continues with unacceptable behaviour after a verbal warning has been given then they will be issued with a Yellow Card. Details of the incident will be recorded by the section leader and the young person’s parents/guardians contacted.

The leader may choose to remove the young person from the task in hand and sat out for 10 minutes before being allowed to re-join the group.

More serious behaviour will result in an instant Yellow Card.

Examples of this type of behaviour:

▪ Damaging of property due to being careless
▪ Arguing with or challenging a leader, parent helper or visitor
▪ Threatening/rude behaviour or language (not continuous talking or disruption when a leader has asked for quiet)
▪ Continuing with unacceptable or disruptive behaviour after being told to stop
▪ Continuous refusal to follow instructions
▪ Unsafe behaviour

Step 3 – Red Card

If a young person receives 2 Yellow Cards in the same evening then a Red Card will be issued. If a young person receives 3 Yellow Cards in one half term then a Red Card will be issued. More serious behaviour will result in an instant Red Card.

Details of the incident will be recorded by the section leader and the young person’s parents/guardians will be contacted as soon as it is practical.

The young person will not be allowed to take part in the rest of the evenings activities and will be sat out.

A Red Card results in the young person being excluded from Scout activities for one week.

Examples of this type of behaviour:

▪ Continued unsafe behaviour
▪ Cheating during games rules
▪ Deliberate time wasting
▪ Shoving, pushing and wrestling
▪ Telling lies or misleading others
▪ Bullying or physical attacks on other members
▪ Deliberate defiance of clearly given instructions where safety is threatened
▪ Continually using bad language
▪ Behaviour which could cause concern for the safety of other members
▪ Deliberately damaging property or equipment
▪ Complaints from visitors or members of the public

Step 4 – Suspension and Dismissal

Formal suspension of a youth member may be appropriate where they have been accused of a serious criminal offence or of behaviour that put adults or young people at serious risk of harm including continuous Red Card offences.

Suspension decisions will involve the Group Scout Leader and the District Commissioner.

All suspensions will follow the procedures outlined in the Scout Association Policy, Organisation and Rules.

At the end of a period of suspension the District Commissioner and Group Scout Leader will determine if a return to Scouting is appropriate. Possible outcomes following a period of suspension would include: Reinstatement; Reinstatement with conditions; Dismissal

The Group Scout Leader will be involved all decisions regarding dismissal. All such decisions will be only made after all discussions with the young person and their parents/guardians have not reached a conclusion on how the young person can rejoin the group or join another group.

Promoting Scouting is important and it is in the interests of all to advertise the Movement through the use of appropriate and positive images. We therefore have to manage how we publicise these materials.

Please go to Personal Details on Online Scout Manager (OSM) to manage your consents. This allows the use of photos and videos from activities within Scouting for Scouting purposes. These include (but are not inclusive of) the group, district or county websites, local newspapers, the newsletter, the noticeboard at the Scout Hut and the local press.

It is our policy to:

  • Never identify children appearing in our media by name*.
  • As far as reasonably possible, ensure children who do not have a signed permission form are excluded from promoted media.
  • Ensure parents are aware of this policy via a consent request upon joining.
  • Only use photos/videos of suitably dressed subjects and in appropriate situations.
  • Follow the Scout Association’s “Young People First” policy.
  • Encourage the use of photos/videos in materials promoting Scouting (including the wider press) providing the above criteria have been met.

*please note the press will often use full names when they can, however we always encourage the use of generic terms such a “A Scout…”

It is not a legal requirement to obtain parental permission (as the copyright of the image belongs to the photographer and not the subject) however we ask parents to sign the form as a matter of good practice and manners.

The local press (and sometimes the national press) are often invited to Scouting events and may wish to photograph or film members doing Scouting activities.

We are unable to control members of the public or the press taking photos when Scouts are appearing in a public place (such as parades). In these situations they require no invitation or permission. Photographs taken by Press photographers without invitation or permission when it is required, are subject to the normal Press Complaints Commission Code of Practice.

We are also unable to control photographs taken by other parents whilst at Scouting events.  We ask that all parents are sensible when sharing media (particularly via social networking) and follow the guildlines set out in this policy.

Please contact us if you are unsure as to any aspect of this policy.

This Privacy Notice sets out what we do with Personal Data and what you can expect from us as part of our obligations when processing this Personal Data.

What data are we gathering?

We may hold Personal Data (including Sensitive Personal Data) about members, parents/guardians and volunteers. We believe it is important to be open and transparent about how we will use your Personal Data. Information we may hold includes the following:

  • name and contact details
  • age/date of birth
  • details of any health conditions
  • race or ethnic background and native languages
  • religion

Why do we collect this information?

We use this information to communicate with you and to carry out our obligations as Scout Leaders. We also have a responsibility to keep information about you, both during your membership and afterwards (due to our safeguarding responsibilities and also to help us if you leave or rejoin). In addition, we may collect data for registration to events, including nights away; in some cases this data will be Sensitive Personal Data, which we ask for to allow us to provide appropriate care for members whilst under our supervision. The list of activities we carry out as part of Scouting that may require the use of Personal Data include:

  • To enable us to provide a voluntary service for the benefit of the public
  • To manage our volunteers
  • To manage our membership records
  • To update you on events
  • To conduct surveys on our performance
  • For financial accounting
  • To fund raise for the Scout Group
  • To process Gift Aid applications

How do we gather data?

We gather data through a variety of methods, these include:

  • contact form on our website or by email
  • waiting lists for new members
  • Joiners forms
  • Event registration forms

When will we delete this data?

We may keep information for different periods of time for different purposes as required by law or best practice.

Membership records:

As far as membership information is concerned, to make sure of continuity (for example leavers and then re-joiners) and to carry out our legal responsibilities relating to safeguarding young people, we keep membership information throughout the membership and after it ends.

Waiting List:

As far as waiting list information is concerned to carry out our legal responsibilities relating to safeguarding young people, we keep waiting list information until a young person becomes a scout at which point the information is transferred to their scout membership records.

If we remove someone from the waiting list, as they have not joined,  we move that record to the ‘Waiting list archive’ section. In the Archive section we delete all the data except the primary contact name, primary contact email address, the name of the child and the month and year of birth of the child. We retain primary contact email address because it is often a better identifier than name and it’s useful should we need to try and find previous e-mail correspondence. Once the child is over Scout age we permanently delete the record.

Who has access to this data and who do we share it with?

Only those members who need membership information to carry out their role have access to that information.

We may share membership data with other local scouting groups where this activity is required to deliver the scouting group obligations, such as stand in leaders. We may also share data within The Scout Association. We do not store credit card details, nor do we share data with third parties without permission.

We also share the data held on Online Scout Manager (OSM) with the Scout Association. Authorised staff at Scout Association may use anonymous data from OSM, which isn’t personally identifiable, so they can report on national trends. This will be general membership data such as numbers, ages, postcodes, genders, groups. The Scout Association will be responsible for the security of member data that they transfer from OSM to their own system. This would only happen as a last resort or emergency to meet specific safeguarding needs. This approach has been agreed by the Scouts Information Governance team, the OSM Data Protection Officer and the Information Commissioners Office.

Where will the data be stored?

This data is securely stored in an online membership system. We take data security seriously.

What are your rights to your Personal Data?

As a Data Subject you have rights over your own data that you can exercise at any time, these are:

  • Data is accurate – we must keep your data accurate
  • Data is erased – we must erase data if not needed or requested by you, that is not excessive and is possible
  • Data is portable – we must provide a copy of your data back to you
  • Data processing is limited – we must cease a processing activity if you object to it
  • Consent withdrawal – we must allow you to withdraw consent at anytime

In the event that you wish to contact us to exercise these rights or for any further queries on this Privacy Notice please contact

Whilst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions remain in place, our Scouting activities have moved online. Our Guidance for Online Scouting document describes how our safeguarding policies are applied during these sessions.