This Privacy Notice sets out what we do with Personal Data and what you can expect from us as part of our obligations when processing this Personal Data.

What data are we gathering?

We may hold Personal Data (including Sensitive Personal Data) about members, parents/guardians and volunteers. We believe it is important to be open and transparent about how we will use your Personal Data. Information we may hold includes the following:

  • name and contact details
  • age/date of birth
  • details of any health conditions
  • race or ethnic background and native languages
  • religion

Why do we collect this information?

We use this information to communicate with you and to carry out our obligations as Scout Leaders. We also have a responsibility to keep information about you, both during your membership and afterwards (due to our safeguarding responsibilities and also to help us if you leave or rejoin). In addition, we may collect data for registration to events, including nights away; in some cases this data will be Sensitive Personal Data, which we ask for to allow us to provide appropriate care for members whilst under our supervision. The list of activities we carry out as part of Scouting that may require the use of Personal Data include:

  • To enable us to provide a voluntary service for the benefit of the public
  • To manage our volunteers
  • To manage our membership records
  • To update you on events
  • To conduct surveys on our performance
  • For financial accounting
  • To fund raise for the Scout Group
  • To process Gift Aid applications

How do we gather data?

We gather data through a variety of methods, these include:

  • contact form on our website or by email
  • waiting lists for new members
  • Joiners forms
  • Event registration forms

When will we delete this data?

We may keep information for different periods of time for different purposes as required by law or best practice.

Membership records:

As far as membership information is concerned, to make sure of continuity (for example leavers and then re-joiners) and to carry out our legal responsibilities relating to safeguarding young people, we keep membership information throughout the membership and after it ends.

Waiting List:

As far as waiting list information is concerned to carry out our legal responsibilities relating to safeguarding young people, we keep waiting list information until a young person becomes a scout at which point the information is transferred to their scout membership records.

If we remove someone from the waiting list, as they have not joined,  we move that record to the ‘Waiting list archive’ section. In the Archive section we delete all the data except the primary contact name, primary contact email address, the name of the child and the month and year of birth of the child. We retain primary contact email address because it is often a better identifier than name and it’s useful should we need to try and find previous e-mail correspondence. Once the child is over Scout age we permanently delete the record.

Who has access to this data and who do we share it with?

Only those members who need membership information to carry out their role have access to that information.

We may share membership data with other local scouting groups where this activity is required to deliver the scouting group obligations, such as stand in leaders. We may also share data within The Scout Association. We do not store credit card details, nor do we share data with third parties without permission.

We also share the data held on Online Scout Manager (OSM) with the Scout Association. Authorised staff at Scout Association may use anonymous data from OSM, which isn’t personally identifiable, so they can report on national trends. This will be general membership data such as numbers, ages, postcodes, genders, groups. The Scout Association will be responsible for the security of member data that they transfer from OSM to their own system. This would only happen as a last resort or emergency to meet specific safeguarding needs. This approach has been agreed by the Scouts Information Governance team, the OSM Data Protection Officer and the Information Commissioners Office.

Where will the data be stored?

This data is securely stored in an online membership system. We take data security seriously.

What are your rights to your Personal Data?

As a Data Subject you have rights over your own data that you can exercise at any time, these are:

  • Data is accurate – we must keep your data accurate
  • Data is erased – we must erase data if not needed or requested by you, that is not excessive and is possible
  • Data is portable – we must provide a copy of your data back to you
  • Data processing is limited – we must cease a processing activity if you object to it
  • Consent withdrawal – we must allow you to withdraw consent at anytime

In the event that you wish to contact us to exercise these rights or for any further queries on this Privacy Notice please contact